Friday, 24 January 2014

MLC Graduate In Lucknow

Leadership is not about strength but about the knowledge of the mind and how that can impact a lot. True management can make the not possible happen. As we know well there are quite a lot of people who are getting the same dream to be a leader.This desire is very essential for them as well. On effective completion of this very particular dream people can easily move on to the top from where they can quickly control other people or also guide them in various aspects.

Mr. Mushir Ahamad is elected as a candidate of MLC Lucknow.Mr. MUSHIR AHAMAD, has excellent information of law because of his studies in LAW(L.L.B).He  has a lots of quality to become MLC in Lucknow.

1) He has Powerful Character,sound personality, positive outlook, speaking ability and decent behavior.

2.) Perceptive Capacity and Motivation to think, evaluate and understand  problems. He is able to come up with new ideas and method of doing things.

3.) Foresight to have good leadership,imaginative and able to visualize potential trends. He also develop policies and programs with your foresight based on logical reasoning.

4.) Emotional Stability  to control moods, overcome moodiness, inconsistency and disappointments.

5.) Flexibility to  know that  judgements are always correct or final.Accommodate views from others and alter the decisions you had earlier on made where necessary.

6.) He can bear the burdens of all  decisions without whining or shifting blame to other persons.Responsible whether  decisions were smart or dumb.

That's the reason why Mr. MUSHIR AHAMAD is the strong candidate for mlc graduate Lucknow.

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