Wednesday, 26 February 2014

MLC In Lucknow-Mushir Ahmad

Leader means those who obey the rule and regulation of the area for people needs by judging the circumstance. They have a great convincing power to motivate other toward own words. A leader (who is simply the ideal form of a manager) is friendly, even with bad news. There's a solidity that gives those who must approach him or her confidence that they won't be screamed at or blamed unnecessarily. At the heart of approachability is a motivation to listen first, before reacting to a particular piece of news.

A real leader doesn't need to be a master spoke person in English, but they need to be able to communicate what they are thinking and feeling.They are the same person at work as they might be if you push into them at trouble.They frequently have a positive impact on the environment by speaking clearly. They are present and involved and know what they want; communicating in ways that make a favorable impression on those they depend on to get the work done.They need a basic level of competence - just enough to understand the issues and evaluate talent.They get things done, do what they say, plan and execute. They can set goals, control their actions, and systematically work toward a set of accomplishments.

They have basic admirable quality by which they are known as leader likes-Approachable, Decision Makers ,Disciplined,Grateful ,Honest , Hopeful. Being involved in the larger community shows that you care, that you are versatile, and that you want to make a difference. But it is important to be well rounded. So don’t just stick to your comfort zone.

This Blog is written by Mushir Ahmad who is elected as MLC In Lucknow

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